Fishing in 2021

There are some changes to the programme which continues with your firm favourites as well as new fisheries and an increase of over 20% in rod days. For 2021 we have decided to drop the multi purchase discount in a bid to reduce the pricing on most beats, you will note that we have further dropped weed cut prices too.

Avon Northend - Probably the cheapest salmon fishing to be found. Early season the fishing can be along traditional lines due to absence of weed whilst later on the tactics include the induced take using nymphs. 2020 saw a number of good salmon landed and we have more days this year.

Avon Bickton Barty - Real budget fishing and highly recommended to take a novice due to the number of fish (the fish farm adjoining could be something to do with this!). It is also a very pretty spot. 2020 fished really well.

Avon Woodford Valley (Salterton) - This fishery had a good 2020 with continued work on the river and banks. The stocking has risen, wild fish are flourishing as well as chub, dace, roach and grayling who will all rise to the fly.

Itchen Abbas - Probably our most popular beat fished well all season.

Itchen, Easton Carrier – New last year, an exceptionally rare stretch of gin-clear chalk stream perfect for ‘sight fishing’, catch & release. 1 rod with a guest rod; it is best to use a rod of around 8ft in the 3 weight range with dry fly or nymph, the latter allowed all season provided they are traditional chalk-stream patterns. This stream is stocked and has a healthy head of wild fish too.

Kennet, Denford - A place where you can literally lose yourself!. We fish Mondays with 6 rods every other week. One can of course still book individually but this allows anyone to take all 6 rods and hence you can entertain family, friends or perhaps clients having the fishery to yourselves - a fairly unusual opportunity on one of the most secluded, pretty spots on the Kennet.

River Dun, Hungerford - This little gem is part of the world famous Hungerford Town and Manor fishery, gifted to the townsfolk by John of Gaunt. The Hungerford Marsh beat extends for approximately 950 metres of the River Dun (which is a major tributary of the River Kennet). Despite being only a short walk from the town this is a very private and intimate section of river with its own fishing hut. It is crystal clear, creepy crawly fishing where stealth will be the key.

Lambourn, Weston Farm - A water for the purist, the fish can be shy but offer a rewarding challenge. Many members love this place for good reason. Unfortunately, due to a change in management this will be our last year here.

Test, Houghton Lodge - This fishery continues a great success. The Lower beat has one of the best pools on the entire river being responsible for biggest fish of the season from Society waters in 2018 & 2019.  Seth, the River Keeper, is usually about to give a hand in his relaxed, no nonsense manner and certainly helped a number of members to score. Those on the WhatsApp group will have enjoyed Seth’s many videos on and about the river which certainly helped us all weather the first lockdown.The Upper beat is more challenging and offers some of the best priced prime Test fishing available.

Test, Mottisfont – This much-loved prime beat continues to be a  regular producer of big fish.

Test, Nursling - we still have 3 rods, the third on a pay as you use basis. The beat fished well in 2020 though it appears our members did less well than others – can we turn this around in 2021?

Test, Testwood - This is a unique seatrout fishery, fished from 10pm through to 3am being the most productive seatrout pool in England. It is difficult fishing in the pitch dark but produces big seatrout consistently - the fishery is reliant on catch and release which will not unduly concern LFS members who for the main part practise this already. 2020 gave 11 seatrout and numerous sea bass for our days. There is accommodation and breakfast available.

New fisheries

Test, Park Stream Bossington - The Park Stream is the mill stream to the historic Horsebridge Mill. This pretty beat flows from the famous Houghton Club water on the river Test and was recently purchased from the Club by Bossington Estate. Double bank of over 300 yards with both trout and a good head of grayling. Fishing for 1 or 2 friends fishing together. 

River Ebble, Manor farm – Near Salisbury, the Ebble is a perfect miniature chalk stream flowing through the Chalke Valley, which is best known for the fabulous pheasant and partridge shooting on the steep chalk downs throughout its length. The Ebble has a good head of wild brown trout and grayling, generally of a size proportionate to that of the river. If you like to fish dry fly with a short brook rod in truly wild and challenging surroundings then this is the river for you. Again, this fishery is for 1 or 2 friends fishing together.

Grayling - The grayling fishing was a big success in 2020 and we will organise more for this year.

We also include a fishery grading chart on the website to guide members, especially beginners, towards the most appropriate fishing. It will provide a grading by difficulty, wading as well as some information on the respective fisheries.

Finally, there will some minor amendments to some fishery information sheets and so please do always check prior to your visit.

There is something for everyone here and we urge you to start planning early.

Tight lines!
Fishing Committee
Chris Higham, Alan Dawes & Antony Hoare