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*Please share your fishing preferences to help us procure appropriate fishing for members
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2 Membership Agreement I agree to allow my contact details to be displayed and shared with other members of LFS from within the web site

I agree that my details may be shared with the suppliers who provide discounts for LFS members


I do not want my details shared

If I am granted Membership I undertake to abide by the Rules of the Lloyd's Flyfishing Society and to be bound by its Constitution. I agree that:

  • my initial subscription, payable on joining, will include a £25 joining fee (waived for those aged 35 or younger) in addition to the £25 annual subscription and will cover the period up to and including the 31st December of the year of joining.
  • my annual subscription of £25 will become due on the first working day of the following January and thereafter each year on the first working day of January.
  • I accept that the level of subscription may be revised from time to time and subscriptions are not refundable.
  • I will be guided and abide by the Membership Rules, Fishing Rules, Catch and Release Guidance, Health and Safety guidelines and Fly Fishing Etiquette.
  • that Lloyds Flyfishing Society can store and process the information provided on this form for my membership as documented in our Privacy Statement
  • Once you agree with the information please submit the form.

    A Full members is: "any person who has an existing or former connection with Lloyd’s or the London insurance market as an Underwriting Member of Lloyd’s, an underwriter, broker, agent (being any of a Managing Agent, a Members’ Agent or an MGA), or the Corporation of Lloyd’s, or with a service provider (accountant, lawyer, banker, consultant etc.) that is regularly involved in transacting business with insurance clients and where the applicant is/was directly involved in such business.” 
    An Associate members is: "any person who is considered by the General Committee to be supportive of and an asset to the Society but does not otherwise meet the eligibility requirements as a Member.  Associate members have the same privileges as Full Members, once admitted."